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Professor Sparks' science show is fun, crazy and educational. The perfect party choice for your child to interact with their friends and family on their birthday. 

Making light bulbs glow in mid air, making hair stand on end, exploding bubbles, colour changing liquids, instantly freezing water, and making your very own slime are just some of the amazing experiments you will do during Professor Sparks' 'science-tastic' performance.
Every child at the party gets a chance to participate in all the mad professors' games, with special attention paid to the birthday boy or girl.

The Professor Sparks party show is aimed at children from 6 to 11 years old, although we always try to involve younger brothers and sisters too, and of course any brave and willing mums or dads!

All of the experiments undertaken are 100% safe and rest assured that Professor Sparks is a fully trained scientist! If all this sounds like the perfect formula for a Kids party to remember, then get you goggles and lab coats at the ready as Professor Sparks is ready to teleport himself to a gathering near you!
Flying Saucers

I am based in East Cheshire and cover all of Manchester and East Cheshire.

I am available every weekend from 10am and can also do shows on weekday evenings after 5pm. 

I am also available all day everyday in the school holidays!

Contact Us

T: 07859818678
E: info@professorsparks.co.uk

If you have any questions why not get in touch phone or email.